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In Process UbD Units - June and August, 2011 Institutes





Sustainability/Social Studies

UbD Institute Binder

Understanding by Design Hourly Agenda for 4 Day Institute

DAY 1 Resources

Text-Based Seminar Guidelines and Quotes

Day 1 - Stage 1: Identify Desired Results

Text-based Seminar

UbD Overview Movie. Download from:


Scroll down to "Download this file."

The movie download takes about 10 minutes. Save to a "UbD Institute" file on your computer.

Goals - Common Core State Standards

POWERPOINTS and Worksheets

Websites for Teachers and Students.docx


Sample Essential Questions and Focusing Questions

Day 2 - Stage 2: Determine Acceptable Evidence of Learning

Aligning Stages 1 and 2.Peer Review Guidelines:
p. 36 Peer Review Process Rubric.docx

Day 3 - Stage 3: How Do You Get Them There

Aligning Day 1, 2 and 3: