Social Studies Scope and Sequence

Green Magnet Standards, including new Social Studies standard

Sense of Place: Students develop connections to their every day environments by participating in authentic projects in their natural, cultural and social worlds.

Social Studies: Students explore how geography shapes cultures and societies.

Sustainability: Environment - Society - Economics - Personal Development
  • Social Studies. Students connect the social, political, economic systems they study with their lives, exploring how their actions can affect their local and global communities.

  • Students investigate how to create comfortable lifestyles, so we sustain resources and culture for future generations.

Complete Magnet Standards, revised August 2011

Common Core State Standards Literacy in Social Studies

Green Magnet Social Studies Curriculum Maps

Magnet Director Lainie Leber began inserting the CCLS for Social Studies in the grade 7 and 8 maps. Grade 6 is the least complete.

UbD Drfts of Units

ESL and Philanthropy

Grade 6

Grade 7, Unit 1:

Grade 8,

Renzulli Units with Diverse/Differentiated Culminating Projects. These units align with the Magnet SS maps.

***Common Core Learning Standards have not been included.

7th Grade Unit 2 - Colonial America and the American Revolution

Super Starter Project, Teacher's Guide, and Renzulli Rubric

7th Grade Unit 3 - A New Nation.

Rights of Farmers Teacher's Guide, Weeks 1-8 Guide, Essential Questions, Renzulli Rubric

7th Grade Unit 4 - A Nation Grows - Westward Expansion

Give Me Land, Lots of Land
Super Starter Project, Teacher's Guide, Renzulli Rubric

8th Grade Unit 4 - The Great Depression

Renzulli Super Starter Project, Teacher's Guide, Renzulli Rubric

6th Grade - Europe

Renzulli Super Starter Project,