Common Core State Standards: Literacy in Science

Introduction to Common Core Powerpoint(adapted from AUSSIE powerpoint)

Magnet Science Curriculum Maps Grade 6 Grade 7

NYC Science Scope & Sequence: NYS Core Curriculum - Intermediate Science

Green Magnet Standards:

Some standards directly related to Science
Sense of Place
Science: Students investigate how natural laws and processes shape ecosystems and biomes.

Sustainability - Science
Students explore how nature sustains life on earth.
Students explore ways to balance our personal development and human needs with nature's laws.
Students investigate how to create comfortable lifestyles, so we sustain resources and culture for future generations.

Students investigate technology and what we trade-off when we use technology.

Drafts of Units

As part of our peer review process, please review, make comments, revise, and use these units developed during Understanding by Design professional development institutes.

6th Grade: Unit 1: Simple Machines.

Essential Question: Does technology equal quality of life? Simple_Machines.jpg
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6th Grade: Unit 2: Properties of Matter

Essential Questions: What is matter? What causes matter to change its state? Where is this change of state most commonly found in nature?
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6th Grade: Unit 2: Weather

Essential Question: How do we manage conflict within our environment in order to survive?
Enduring Understandings
  • Weather is a product of interaction between energy and matter.
  • By studying weather patterns, humans can devise means to interact and adapt to their environment in order to survive.
  • Human actions impact the environment
Learning Objective: Students will use their knowledge of weather to determine how to adapt and survive in different natural environments of the world.

Google "Casa Tolo" for more images of this home.

6th Grade Science, Unit 3: Diversity of Life.

6th Grade Science, Unit 4: Interdependence.

7th Grade Unit 1: Geology

7th Grade Unit 2:

Essential Question: How does chemistry affect the condition of our environment?
See the Carnegie Mellon Institute for Green Science:
Chemical and Industry Waste, Laundry and Cleaning Products, Pharmaceutical Wastes, Water Purification

7th Grade Unit 3: Will be done during 8/2011 UbD Institute

7th Grade Science Unit 4:

Essential Questions: What is balance? Why do organisms need to maintain homeostasis/balance? How do mass extinctions affect the planet's homeostasis?

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8th Grade: Unit 4: Humans in their Environment: Needs and Trade-Offs

Essential Question: How does human consumption of resources affect the environment and our health? Environment_and_Public_Health.jpg

Grade 8: Essential Question: How does force affect motion on earth?