Green Magnet-Available Books and Resources for Use in Lesson/Unit Creation for Classrooms

Contact Karen to post lessons/units to be shared, and please let us know if you have suggestions for magnet-related resources.

Teri Pakier Nature Collection: Bringing the Outside In.

19 Framed Prints from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in honor of our PTA president whose spirit farsighted spirit lives on our campus.

Book Giveaway at Earth Day Carnival, November 14th, 2013.

Preview available. See Tatiana Machare, Class 821.

Green Library: Fiction, Non-Fiction, Graphic Novels, PoetryBooks received as of 1-23-10

Facing the Future's Making Connections: Engaging Students in Language, Literacy, and Global Issues

Chapter 1: Envisioning the Future
Teacher's Edition, Chapter 1 Student Workbook - You can project it onto your Smartboard.


To access The Story of Stuff movie, go to:

Lesson: Green Power, A Sustainable Life

Lesson Motivation, Part 1: Lesson in Powerpoint, Part 2:

Facing the Future - Real World Math. 180 student workbooks, 10 teacher editions

<a href="">

On-Line Eco-Dictionary

Books - See below for other available books
For teachers to check out:
75 copies of student version of An Inconvenient Truth
70 copies - The Missing 'Gator of Gumbo Limbo: An Eco-Mystery by Jean Craighead George. Lexile Level 740
500 copies - Song of the Trees by Mildred Taylor
500 copies - Seedfolks by Paul Fleischer
45 copies - The Great Kapok Tree: A Tale of the Amazon Rainforest by Lynne Cherry

32 copies - You Can Save the Planet: 50 Ways You Can Make a Difference
30 copies - Why Are the Ice Caps Melting? by Ann Rockwell
30 copies - The Three R's: Reuse, Reduce, Recycle
100 copies - The Lorax by Dr. Seuss. Dr. Seuss’ story of a ruined environment
31 copies - The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein
25 copies - Letting Swift River Go by Jane Yolen. Fiction - picture book about the creation of the Quabbin Resevoir in Massachusetts
60 The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd with Teacher Edition

4 copies - Planet Earth as You've Never Seen It Before - coffee table book to accompany Planet Earth DVD

Brown Angels by Walter Dean Myers. Historical, sepia print photographs of African American children-18 copies
The Land I Lost: Adventurs of a Boy in Vietnam by Huynh Quang Nhuong. 32 copies
The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd. 60 copies

Books to distribute for Independent Reading libraries and/or Literature Circles
10 copies - Scat by Carl Hiaasen. Eco-mystery about a panther, middle school students, missing biology teacher
15 copies - Green Boy by Susan Cooper
12 copies The Talking Earth by Jean Craighead George. Lexile Level 770
12 copies - Case of the Missing Cutthroats: An Eco-Mystery by Jean Craighead George. Lexile Level 680
12 copies - The Firebug Connection: An Eco-Mystery by Jean Craighead George. Lexile Level 710
12 copies - Who Really Killed Cock Robin: An Eco-Mystery by Jean Craighead George. Lexile Level 830

Books for Teachers
Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder by Richard Louv - 1 copy
In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan - 2 copies
The Orchid Thief:A True Story of Beauty and Obsession by Susan Orlean. This is a true story about the Everglades for teachers who are doing Missing Gator of Gumbo Limbo with their classes.
Three Short Stories by William Faulkner. 2 copies

Silence of the Bees - 3 copies
30 Years of National Geographic Specials Includes the first Americans to conquer Everest, Jacques-Yves Cousteau's underwater explorations, and more.
The True Cost of Food - DVD - 7 copies. Created by Sierra Club
The Story of Stuff - 7 copies
Climate Change The American Museum of Natural History's Science Bulletin
Who Killed the Electric Car? A Lack of Consumer Confidence ... Or Conspiracy? - 1 copy
Flow: For Love of Water - 3 copies
Wall-E - 2 copies
Civil Action - DVD - 1 copies
Gorrillas in the Mist - about Dian Fossey - DVD - 2 copies
Hoot - DVD - 2 copies
e2/design - DVD
Soylent Green - DVD
The Great Debaters - 1 copy
The Eleventh Hour - 4 copies
Six Degrees Could Change ther World
An Inconvenient Truth - 2 copies
Planet Earth - 5 Disc Series
Day After Tomorrow - 2 copies
Silent Running
Soylent Green
The Lorax - 3 copies
e2 Design - the economies of being environmentally conscious 3 Seasons of DVDs
e2 Design - the economies of being environmentally conscious
National Geographic: Strange Days on Planet Earth 2-DVD set – 2 copies
Manufactured Landscapes - DVD about what manufacturing has done to the environment


Facing the Future
Climate Change:

Endangered Species - Bagheera: A Website for Earth's Endangered Species:
Links to: classroom studies, classroom activities, glossary, bibliography

Earthjustice, Because the Earth Needs a Good Lawyer:
Links to Coal, Energy Efficiency, National Rulemaking & Standards, Wildlife, The Arctic, Jobs, and a
Library - type in keyword - a lot of resources are available with legal/govt information. Example: 99 articles on "Everglades"

"Ways for a School to Go Green" by Kurt Simonsen. Jan. 2009.

International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), founded in 1948:
IUCN helps develop conservation science, manages field projects all over the world, and brings together players from different domains and sectors to develop and implement policy, laws and best practice. Links to publications, position and information papers, research tools, images, video, audio.

Biomimicry - the practice of developing sustainable technologies inspired by ideas from Nature:
The mission of The Biomimicry Institute is to nurture and grow a global community of people who are learning from, emulating, and conserving life's genius to create a healthier, more sustainable planet.

The Biomimicry Database. "...a place where designers, architects, and engineers search biological information, find experts, and collaborate to find ideas that potentially solve their designn/engineering challenges.

Ask Nature Beta: How would a butterfly inspire your next design?

TED. Technology, Entertainment. Technology.
Entertainers, writers, activists, scientists, artists such as Jane Goodall, E. O. Wilson in 15 minute talks/performances.

Lori Schreier’s farm - Mark Schreier's sister.

Siemens We Can Change the World Challenge

NYC Department of Sanitation's Golden Apple Awards Contest

We will be having a whole school read of Song of the Trees by Mildred Taylor in literacy classrooms.
Class Sets of Song of the Trees by Mildred Taylor are available

The 8th grade will subsequently read Green Boy, the 7th grade will read The Talking Earth and 6th grade will read Missing 'Gator of Gumbo Limbo. We have for teachers to review:

Free Climate Change Curriculum from -
Free downloads from
Scavenger Hunt for Global Issues and Sustainable Solutions-
Teacher's Companion- Questions based on Global Issues and Sustainable Solutions Textbook
Teachers Companion Answer Key
(We are ordering a few copies of the textbook to see if it is usable. A preview of the workbook is available at the free resources link, or you can view it:
Fast Facts:
Climate Change, Consumption, Energy, HIV/AIDS, Human Rights, Hunger, Peace & Conflict, Poverty, Rainforests, Reproductive Health, Water, Women & Girls

Free Lesson Plans from U. S. Dept. of Energy**. "On this site you'll find links to more than 350 lesson plans and activities on energy efficiency and renewable energy for grades K-12. Each includes a short summary that identifies curriculum integration, time, materials, and national standards. For more education resources, please see the EERE Energy Education Web site."

Graphing Calculators

Vocabulary/Essential Ideas

Vocabulary In Chart Form - print and cut up for pre-assessment, post-assessment, group work. 1. Distribute 1 word/person 2. Pairs discuss words 3. Quartets discuss words 4. Groups report out. Career Connections=DRAFT- MAKE SUGGESTIONS

Other Books to borrow

You can borrow a variety of books and have students work in groups. A lot of the books are picture books and easy to read, but with enough information to make a lesson meaningful.
The Magic School Bus: At the Waterworks Book about how we get water to drink
A Kid's Guide to Global Warming: How it affects you and what you can do about it by Glen Murphy
A Child's Introduction to The Environment
earth matters: an encyclopedia of ecology
Earth Day - Hooray!
All Creatures Great and Small by James Herriot
Water: discovery starts with a single word
Butterflies & Moths
A Pocket Guide to Insects
A Pocket Guide to Butterflies & Moths

Quiz Deck - "The Earth-Friendly Garden" - a deck of cards with questions and answers
Quiz Deck - "Water" - a deck of cards with questions and answers

PBS Nature Comic Book - This is a lot more complex than the ConEdison comic book.
ConEdison's - Comic Book - The Justice League - Stories, Activity, Pages, and a Poster
Dept of Sanitation Comic Book - Trashmasters