=As part of our peer review process, please review, make comments, revise, and use these units.=


This unit was begun at a Cloud Institute training. It is UbDish. I added CCLS for Reading Literature and Writing, but not for Reading Information, Speaking and Listening, nor Language.
The final project is not developed and writing components need to be developed.

Essential and Guiding Questions
Which dreams are worth living?
What’s a Good Life?
What is the power of diversity in our lives
What power does nature have in our lives?

Unit Materials/Resources/Handouts
“Dreams,” “Mother to Son,” “Dream Deferred” by Langston Hughes, “Lesson” by Forrest Hamer
Become a Telescope Close Reading Graphic Organizer
Savor Your Senses Graphic Organizer
A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry
StoryMaker Graphic Organizer
Bar Graphs - % Minority Firefighters, July 2009
NY Times Article - Minority Firefighters, July 2009

Compare and Contrast. Review this graph. Read this news article. What does these documents say about discrimination today?