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Lesson: Green Power, A Sustainable Life

Essential Question: How can reading, thinking, writing, listening, and speaking help me envision, describe and create a sustainable life?

Green Magnet Green Book List, ordered 12/14/09

FOR Ms. Melendez's STUDENTS TO DOWNLOAD - 4 Files

Save these files to Book Reviews folder on your desktop. Open starred* files, 2, 3, and 4.
1. 2. *
3. * 4. *
• Select a Review or Overview, read it, cut and paste it into the Book Review, template section #4.
• Underline important information in the review you’ve copied.
• Use this underlined information and your knowledge of the book to write a summary of the book in your own words, in the template section #5.
• If you think we should purchase this book, support your recommendation with reasons you think reading this book will help us understand what a green world will be like and/or why it’s important to go green. Sign your name, Green Magnet, class 823. OR.
• Write a critique, describing why you don’t think this book is worth purchasing: it won’t help us go green, it’s
If recommending the book for us to purchase, suggest whether the book should be in 6th, 7th, or 8th grade classrooms. Give the book 1-5 stars, one indicating that the book is terrible, five indicating that the book is great. We generally only want to purchase books with 4*s or more.

FOR Ms. Guardado's and Mr. Gibbons' Students to Download - 3 Files

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- For Guardado and Gibbons
Excell Chart for Teachers to Complete
For Student Sign-Up to Review Books:
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Instructions for teachers to distribute to students. Print and cut.

The 11-3 Maps for Grade 6, 7, and 8 are in draft form, and include:
Unit Names
Essential Questions
Enduring Understandings
Culminating Projects
Word Work: Academic Language, Content Vocabulary and Oral Fluency Workshops
Readers Workshop
Writers Workshop
Listening and Speaking Workshop
Conventions: Spelling, Grammar, Usage, Mechanics
Embedded Technology
Suggested Resources - books divided into units
Magnet Standards