Grace Nelson UbD ESL Unit with CCSS listed in Standards section -
Can be used for all ELA classes
Big Ideas: Culture: Living Together - Sense of Place, Sustainability
Self-Actualization Within Cultures

Miss Bautista and Classes 751 and 851 Celebrate Culture Day. The students impressed us all with their singing, their choreography, their artifacts, and the wonderful food their parents made and contributed. Thanks to Ms. Bautista and the 751 and 851 students and families who participated.

We asked students some questions. Here are the questions and some of their answers:
Question: Should we spend your class time learning about each others' cultures?
Stephan: Yes, it is important.
Question: Why is it important?
Stephan: Because there are things that people don’t know about you. Like the food you are eating in your country, the dance, your flag. Cristin: It’s for your country, It shows respect for your country. John: Everybody shares the food, we’re sharing the artifacts – something that represents your country, your flag, the color.

Why should we spend class time. Johanna – When we do this, we know where people come from and we learn about the cultures. Why is it good to learn about the cultures? A little bit it helps us understand each other. It helps us appreciate each other. Do you like seeing your classmates getting up and performing. Yes.

Students from Classes 751 and 851, please download your class's document, and revise the document, by adding in the information that is missing.